Welcome to the Bio/Flow Systems Research Lab! Research in our group focuses on investigating flow systems and biological systems based on interdisciplinary multiscale experimental approaches. As "Bio/Flow" in our lab name implies, our research interest is not limited to biological flow systems, and it covers not only pure fluid flow systems ranging from microscale flows to turbulence, but also biological systems ranging from cellular mechanics to animal locomotion. Our final goal is to pursue applications of principles found in biological and fluid dynamic systems in engineering solutions.

Currently we are working on projects on fluid dynamics and cell motility of a stalked protozoa Vorticella and their applications, interfacial fluid dynamics of soap bubble blowing and drop coalescence, mechanobiology of breast stem cells and neuron cells. To tackle our questions, we use experimental tools including flow visualization, microfluidics, high speed imaging, video microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and numerical simulation tools including computational fluid dynamics simulation.

For more information about the lab and comments on the web page, please contact the PI, Sangjin Ryu (sangjin.ryu@unl.edu / 402-472-4313 / W317 Nebraska Hall) or the lab (402-472-0827 / 303 Scott Engineering Center).


Collage of 8 images described below on the page.

Images above:

  1. Microfluidic device to control the contraction-relaxation cycle of glycerinated Vorticella convallaria.
  2. Particle tracking velocimetry image of flow induced by contracting Vorticella convallaria.
  3. Visualized feeding current of Vorticella convallaria.
  4. Pygmy gecko floating on water and its hydrophobic skin (images captured from BBC Life.
  5. Colorful soap bubbles generating from soap film pocket and air stream.
  6. Scanning electron microscopy image of a colloidal tip probe for atomic force microscopy.
  7. Fluorescent image of blood cells adhered to biomaterial surface.
  8. Wake of wind turbines visualized by cloud (image taken by Christian Steiness at Horns Rev 1 wind farm)