10/12/2015     Many congratulations to Donghee on the birth of his son!

09/2015     Kale Golden (UNL Biological Sciences) and Hamood Al Rahbi (UNL MME) joined the lab for their independent research. Welcome, Kale and Hamood!

08/2015     Nick Bohlim (UNL Biological Systems Engineering) joined the lab for his UCARE project on the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe. Welcome, Nick!

08/2015     Donghee's paper on 3D confocal microscopic indentation method is published in Langmuir (coauthored by our previous MS student Rony). Congratulations, Donghee! 

08/11/2015     Summer lab lunch at Blue Orchid.

Lab team posing for photo during lunch at the Blue Orchid restaurant.

07/2015        Eun G. Chung (UNL Physics) join the lab for his independent research. Welcome, Eun!

06/2015        Alexis Moran (University of Florida, Biological Engineering) and Brittany Gonzalez (Georgia Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering) joined the lab for Summer Research Program in Biomedical Engineering. Welcome, Lexi and Brittany!

12/4/2014     Jiazhong has finished his master thesis defense successfully. Congratulations, Jiazhong!

07/14/2014     Than Nguyen (UNL ChemE) joined the lab as a UCARE student and will work on microfluidic device
                       fabrications for cell mechanics research. Weclome, Than!

08/2014     Lab group picture

Lab group photo (Summer 2014)

07/07/2014     Luz Sotelo (ME undergraduate of University of Texas-Pan American) joined the lab as a summer
                       research intern and will investigate swimming behaviors of Vorticella in various confinements for five 
                       weeks. Welcome, Luz!

04/22/2014     Md. Mahumudur (Rony) Rahman has finished his master thesis defense successfully. Congratulations!

04/12/2014     Congratulations to Sangjin on his second boy!

04/10/2014     Sangjin Ryu is chosen for the First Award Program of the NSF-supported Nebraska EPSCoR

12/20/2013     John Davidson is awarded a Nebraska Engineering Recruitment Fellowship. Congratulations!

12/02/2013     John Davidson has finished his master thesis defense successfully. Congratulations!

08/13/2013     Group picture of the Bio/Flow Systems Lab.

Bio Flow Lab Group photo (Aug, 2013)

05/24/2013     Our project on effects of ECM mechanics on breast stem cells, in collaboration with the Band
                       group at UNMC, is chosen for Bioengineering for Human Health Grant of UNL and UNMC.

03/27/2013     Our project on the mixing effect of Vorticella is chosen for Layman Seed Greant of UNL.

10/23/2012     Sangjin Ryu is selected to participate in the Research Development Fellows Program of UNL.

12/27/2012     The lab is now ready for research.

Lab ready for research (Dec, 2012)

11/09/2012     Finally lab remodeling is finished, and basic lab supplies and equipments wait to be unpacked.

Lab remodeled (Nov 2012)

09/01/2012     Timothy Mastny (MME sophomore) joined the lab as a UCARE undergraduate researcher.

08/20/2012     Lab remodeling has finally begun, and is expected to be finished in early September.

08/15/2012     Congratulations to Rony on his new baby boy!

08/01/2012     Three graduate students joined the lab: Jiazhong Zhou, Donghee Lee and MD. Mahmudur Rahman.

07/23/2012     A new paper entitled "Maximum Force Characterisitics of the Ca2+-powered Actuator of Vorticella

                       convallaria" is accepted for Biophysical Journal. Congratulations! 

07/03/2012     Lab remodeling will begin soon. Now the lab is almost empty and ready for remodeling. 

                       We appreciate Dr. Barton for his generous donation of the optical table. 

Lab before (July 2012)

02/01/2012     John Davidson joined the lab. John is the very first graduate student of the lab!

11/01/2011     Sangjin Ryu joined as an assistant professor the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which is the beginning of the Bio/Flow Systems Research Lab.